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Stem Cell And Regenerative Cell Therapy Specialist

Arora Pain Clinic

Ripu Arora, MD, MBA

Board Certified Pain Management Anesthesiologist located in South Bay, Orange County, Torrance & Victorville, CA

Stem cell therapy is one of a number of groundbreaking regenerative medicine treatments that offer hope to people living with chronic pain. Ripu Arora, MD, and the expert team at Arora Pain Clinic specialize in providing regenerative medicine treatments like stem cell therapy in Torrance, California. If you’re looking for a practice that can significantly improve your quality of life, call Arora Pain Clinic today to schedule a consultation, or use the online booking tool.

Stem Cell and Regenerative Cell Therapy Q & A

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is one of the exciting range of regenerative medicine treatments, which also includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. A stem cell is a type of cell that can change into any type of cell, depending on what your body needs at the time. Stem cells are so potent they’re capable of promoting new tissue growth, advancing healing to an extent that your body couldn’t accomplish by itself.

There are two types of stem cells: bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cells. Bone marrow stem cells are stem cells from one’s own body and are recommended for people under 60 years old. For people over 60, umbilical cord stem cells are recommended. Umbilical cord stem cells are stem cells from donated umbilical cords.

Injecting concentrated stem cells into areas of your body where your tissues aren’t healing properly gives your natural healing processes a significant boost. As a result, new, stronger cells grow to replace the cells that are causing pain and torn muscles and cartilage (i.e., meniscus in the knee).

What Happens During Stem Cell Therapy?

The team at Interventional Pain Management, Stem & Regenerative Cell Therapy administers stem cell therapy to you during a short outpatient procedure, after which you can carry on with your day. The injection is similar to a steroid joint injection without the use of steroids.

The difference is that the stem cells have to go to the right place to have the most significant impact, and that can be a tricky undertaking. It needs clinicians with the skills of the team at Interventional Pain Management, Stem & Regenerative Cell Therapy to carry out the procedure with the necessary precision.

Because stem cells are a natural, non-pharmaceutical product, they’re 90% effective with no adverse reactions triggering cell regeneration, so stem cell therapy is an extremely safe option.

What Conditions Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat?

The magic of stem cells is their ability to push the healing process to new heights, triggering cell generation that can even heal chronic tissue damage.
Some of the many conditions for which stem cell therapy is already proving to be an effective treatment include:

● Joint degeneration
● Arthritis
● Muscle injuries
● Sprained ligaments
● Strained and inflamed tendons
● Mid and low back disc displacement causing pain

If you’d like to discover more about stem cell therapy and what it could do for your pain condition, call Interventional Pain Management, Stem & Regenerative Cell Therapy today, or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.