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Stem Cell Therapy Seminars in Torrance

Stem Cells
It’s been a busy couple of months, as we've been enjoying our free Stem Cell Seminars in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. They've been so educational and informative as everyone learns about this new state of the art treatment now available in Torrance, CA. 
What is Stem Cell Therapy?
Stem cell therapy is one of the exciting range of regenerative medicine treatments, which also includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. A stem cell is a type of cell that can change into any type of cell, depending on what your body needs at the time. Stem cells are so potent they’re capable of promoting new tissue growth, advancing healing to an extent that your body couldn’t accomplish by itself. 
During the stem cell presentation, Dr. Arora discusses how this treatment was only available to people who were willing to travel overseas, but now it's in our own backyard. Stem cell & Regenerative cell therapy has the potential to heal your body heal naturally by adding Regenerative cells to the injured or painful area. 
One of the most interesting slides in the presentation is learning how many stem cells are found in our bodies when we are infants and young children. But as we age, our stem cell count dramatically decreases, especially after the age of 50 years.  This is why we see it take longer for the elderly to recover from injuries. By adding these miracle cells to the area that is injured, people are seeing amazing results,  and improving they’re functionality and quality of life. Imagine enjoying your Golden Years without pain or discomfort? 
The magic of stem cells is their ability to push the healing process to new heights, triggering cell regeneration that can even heal chronic tissue damage. This can truly be an advantage of doing a simple 15 to 30-minute out-patient procedure versus a costly surgery that takes much longer to recover. We were all learning that the success rate of this treatment is very high and there are virtually no side effects, compared to the alternatives. Come to one of our stem cell seminars in the Los Angeles area, to learn about this amazing state of the art treatment, and see if it will be the right choice for you. 
Ripu Arora, MD, and the expert team at Arora Pain Clinic specialize in providing FDA compliant treatments like stem cell therapy at their offices in Torrance and Newport Beach, California. Dr. Arora is currently providing regenerative cell and stem cell therapy for all joint pain, arthritis, torn cartilage, knee pain, torn rotator cuff, shoulder pain, sprained ligaments, torn muscles, strained and inflamed tendons, low back pain, invertebrate disc disease, and facet joint disease. 
Here is a sample of some of the questions people asked, along with responses from Dr. Ripu Arora:
1. What is more expensive, PRP or Stem cell injection?
Dr. Arora: PRP is less expensive. However, it is good for inflammation and tendinitis. If there is a torn meniscus or torn rotator cuff or in any tendon, in my experience, the regenerative cells and stem cells work better. Sometimes both can be given together depending on the age and disease stage. 

2. What if you have a joint that is bone on bone?

Dr. Arora: This is still chronic inflammation and regenerative therapy can help. 
3. Do you need an MRI?
Dr. Arora: Yes,  most of the time 
4. What if I have gel injected into my knee?
Dr. Arora: If Hyaluronidase has been injected, it is okay 
5. If the success rate is approx. 85% - what happened to the 15%? Do they need another injection?
Dr. Arora: All tools in life are not for everyone. Success is measured by decreased pain and increased functionality. Sometimes a repeat injection or a different product can be given. Also, post-procedural rehabilitation is important. Before a repeat injection, all factors Including all activities and even socio-psychological factors have to be re-evaluated and the target treatment can be given.

Go to our upcoming seminars section to find the date of our next free seminar! 

Shelly Niemand

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